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Of selected jobs implemented from 1990 until 2019

    Year 2019

  • Drawing documentation including delivery of refractory materials for refractory lining of two boilers 75t / h-4x SAACKE Etihad II burner. - Iraq

  • Supply of refractory materials for refractory lining of six boilers - Kernel Ukraine

    Year 2018

  • Refractory lining of the quenching furnace in the carbon atmosphere of the AISCHELIN line. Delivery of refractory materials from Rath

  • Polytechnic boiler refractory lining - Wood chips.

  • Repair of boiler refractory lining URBAS - Wood chips

  • Drawing documentation including supply of refractory materials for refractory lining of two boilers 75t/h -4x burner SAACKE – JAZAN, Saudi Arabia

  • Refractory lining of boiler combustion chamber RK16t (3x coal shredder) - Delivery of refractory material

  • Boiler refractory lining TSP90 - wood chips - Refractory supply

  • Boiler refractory lining MBHF 2500 - fluid (coal combustion) - Delivery of refractory material

    Year 2016

  • Dolkam Šúja a.s. - Slovakia - Refractory lining furnace with SAACKE burner. Including refractory materials.

    August-September 2015 - for EKOL, spol. s r.o.

  • Electrocentrale Oradea SA - Romania - refractory lining of 2 boilers 116,3MW (combined burners SAACKE)

  • Drawing documentation including supply of refractory materials.

    June 2015

  • TEREOS TTD a.s., Dobrovice - Boiler 50 t/h (1x burner SAACKE)

    May - June 2014

  • for EKOL BRNO, s.r.o. - drawing documentation including delivery of refractory materials for refractory lining of two boilers 75 t/h - 4x SAACKE burner - Etihad, Iraq

  • Etihad Iraq for EKOL BRNO, s.r.o. - supervision of refractory linings of 2 boilers 75 t/h - 4x SAACKE burner

    For boiler manufacturers Bresson, a.s.

  • Brudra Radotín a.s. - refractory lining of three spec. HBK 7,1MW boilers

  • Sankt Potten - refractory lining of three OKP 25 boilers for an Austrian customer.

  • Part of the refractory lining was made in the production plant of BRESSON, a.s. in Kolín

  • Completion of lining at the customer in Austria.

  • Syria - sugar refinery EL: GHAB (April 2008)

  • boiler refractory lining Škoda 35 t/h, 4x oil burner Oilon (Finland)

  • Supply of refractory materials, including outdoor insulation Orstech. Total delivery weight: 100t

  • Chief assembly of the refractory lining by Metallica Damascus.

  • Krasavino RUSSIA - refractory lining of two OKP25 boilers

  • Vsetín Jasenice - refractory lining of boiler R16

  • Chemko Strážské SLOVAKIA - refractory lining of boiler SKR22

  • Prague Municipal Court - refractory lining of two KVD100 boilers

  • Boiler-in Boilers Chvaletice Power Station - Fire-resistant lining of the OKP25 burner wall

  • Bukoza Holding a.s. - Vranov nad Toplou SLOVAKIA - refractory lining of second draft of boiler K2 ČKD 150 t/h

  • P&G Rakona Rakovnik s.r.o. - refractory lining of the burner wall of the OKP 25 boiler

  • Dalkia Mariánské Lázně - refractory lining of the burner wall of the OKP 25 boiler

  • Distillery Chrudim - refractory lining of boiler BK 10

  • Bukoza Holding, a.s. - Hencovce Slovakia - refractory lining of boiler 30 t/h – biomass cumbustion

  • Energy Center Jindřichův Hradec - acid-resistant lining of boiler K5

  • Bukoza Holding, a.s., Hencovce Slovakia - boiler refractory lining of boiler K1 150 t/h, combustion chamber including second draft, Biomass

  • F.N. Plzeň - refractory lining of boiler BK6,5 (burner Weishaupt)

  • Coal mine Staříč - refractory lining of the second draft of the boiler Tatra Kolín 12 t/h

  • Dalkia Sviadnov (for EKOL Brno s.r.o.) boiler refractory lining biomass-wood chips boiler 28,5 t/h

  • Heating plant Prague Krč - repair of refractory linings of 3 OKP boilers and 1x LOOS boiler

  • FEP Návsí - refractory lining of boiler FK8000 (combustion of BIOMASS)

  • T.P. Loučovice for EKOL BRNO, s.r.o. - refractory lining of boiler RKF32 (combustion of BIOMASS)

  • Sugar factory Dobrovice - refractory lining of 2 boilers ČKD 25t (single drum)

  • Heat Braňany - refractory lining of boiler FKT 2500 (combustion of BIOMASS)

  • EH Litoměřice - refractory lining of tension bars in the combustion chamber of boiler R 11.6 MW

  • Jevíčko - refractory lining of boiler RKU 1000 (BIOMASS burning)

  • Synthesia Pardubice a.s.pro for EKOL Brno spol. s r.o. - boiler refractory lining 80t 2x SAACKE gas burner

  • ŠKODA Mladá Boleslav, a.s. - general repair of two boilers OK-50H; GO boilers 75t / h

  • Heating plant České Budějovice - gasification of the boiler RK 11,6 MW

  • HOESCH STAL A.G. Dortmund - boiler lining 28 t/hour

  • KAROSA Vysoke Myto, a.s. - general repair of two boilers RK25 t/h, reconstruction for ecological combustion.

  • P.T. a.s., Heating plant Michle - lining of 4 pcs burners on boiler K5

  • Heating plant Malešice - refractory lining of boiler ČKD 116,3MW (boiler K22)

  • ZVVZ Milevsko a.s. - repair of boiler linings RK 16 t/h

  • ENERGOBLOK Domoradice Heating plant Český Krumlov - boiler lining DUKLAFLUID 25 t/h

  • Lovochemie Lovosice a.s. - boiler lining 50 t/h

  • TYLEX Letovice a.s. - ecological boiler RK 16 t/h

  • Heating plant Tábor - boiler lining 100 t/h

  • T.P. gate (České Budějovice) - boiler lining 75 t/h

  • PT a.s. Heating plant Michle - boiler lining K5 - 116MW

  • Ekoinvest Příbram s.r.o. Heating plant Bytíz - repair + reconstruction for ecological combustion of boiler ČKD 5,5MW

  • Piana Týniště nad Orlicí - boiler lining CLAUHAN 12 t/h - wood waste

  • Heating plant České Budějovice a.s. Novohradská - boiler lining 150 t/h (boiler K12)

  • T.P. Loučovice - ecological boiler RK 25t

  • ŽOS České Velenice - lining of boiler ČKD 12t including reconstruction for ecological combustion.

  • Romania - boiler lining OKP 40t manufactured by ČKD Dukla o.z. Machine