Termožár, s.r.o.

Termožár ENERGO, s.r.o.

Company’s profile

Since 1979 employee of the government enterprise TEPLOTECHNA Prague. TEPLOTECHNA was one provider of services in the branch fire refractory technology in that time. TEPLOTECHNA provided refractory lining of commissions in all past Czechoslovakia and abroad.

In 1985 boss in the branch of refractory linings at ČKD Dukla – the factory TATRA Kolín – one of the most large-sized producer of boilers. There TEPLOTECHNA provided complete services in the fire refractory technology branch. Then producer of boilers co-operated during producing of transportable heating plants including making refractory linings with company KAH Heidelberg from Germany.

The company Švestka Luděk – TERMOŽÁR was founded in 1990 by natural person which continued in co-operation with TATRA Kolín – producer of boilers. Also the company provided fire refractory services including delivery of refractory material.

Since 1998 it has been changed to a legal entity ( limited-liability company ) Termožár, s.r.o.