TERMOŽÁR, s.r.o.

    Termožár ENERGO, s.r.o.

    Activities of our company

    Refractory lining of boilers for the producer TATRA Kolín after Fram Strojírny Kolín g.e. and after privatization BRESSON a.s. .

    Boilers BK, OKP and RK up to 150 t/h capacity including GO linings and linings for ecological modification. For above – mentioned boilers we provide handmade of bricks of a ZBH and ZBL refractory concreted tempers incl. a LCC temper. Type of burners placed in boilers specifies types of used bricks.

    Then we provide complete deliveries of another refractory material incl. Sibrals ( all directly from the producers ) and technical documentation incl. drying-out instruction and instruction of first start heating systems to the operation.

    Linings of a Slatina, VSB, ARK (Vyhorlat Snina), LOOS boilers and the boilers are made in the factory ČKD Dukla a.s. – types KDVE, PGV and another. Composition of linings for these boilers are made Sibral and light refractory concrete.

    Boilers of abatement: Wyncke, Clauhan, Slatina, Danstoker

    Drying kilns of wood and saw-dust

    Incinerators of solid refuse

    Incinerators of liquid waste

    Lately we provide refractory linings incl. delivery of refractory material for new boilers are burning down biomass up to 250 t/h capacity.

    We are the subsupplier for these companies: EKOL Brno,s.r.o.( heating plant Loučovice), PolyComp,a.s. (Teplo Braňany), SEA CZ a.s. (BioEnergo Kolín), etc.