TERMOŽÁR, s.r.o.

    Termožár ENERGO, s.r.o.

    Activities of our company

    Refractory linings of boilers for manufacturers ČKD Dukla – o.z. TATRA Kolín, later Fram Strojírny Kolín s.p. and after the privatization - BRESSON a.s.

    Boilers BK, OKP and RK boilers (coal burning) up to 250 t/h, including GO lining and lining for reconstruction for ecological combustion.

    Gas, oil and biomass burning boilers.

    Boiler linings Slatina, VSB, ARK (Vihorlat Snina), LOOS and boilers produced in the factory ČKD Dukla a.s. types - KDVE, PGV and others.

    • reconstruction for ecological combustion of RK coal boilers, including GO lining

    • lining of boilers Slatina, VSB, ARK (Vihorlat Snina), LOOS

    • wood-burning boilers: Wyncke, Clauhan, Slatina, Danstoker, Polytechnic, Urbas, ČKD combined fuel

    • wood and sawdust drying furnace

    • furnaces: trolleys, HN27, blacksmiths, annealing, including kilns

    • incinerators: hospital waste, solid and liquid waste, including transport trolley

    Recently, we provide refractory linings, including the supply of refractory materials for new biomass fired boilers. As a subcontractor for these companies: EKOL Brno, s.r.o. (TP Loučovice), TEPLO Braňany, BioEnergo Kolín, etc. Up to power 250t/h.

    We supply abroad refractory materials for boilers manufactured in the Czech Republic from: Škoda - ZVU Hradec Kralove - CKD Dukla Praha and for types OKP-BK Tatra Kolín.